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  • Vietnam: The North & South
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    Vietnam: The North & South

    Spring Break Escape
    11 Mar 2016 - 18 Mar 2016

    • $1490Per Traveler
    • 14Spots
    • 33Days Left

    Blessed with a ravishing coastline, emerald green mountains, breathtaking national parks, dynamic cities, outstanding cultural interest and one of the world's best cuisines, Vietnam has it all!

  • Nepal: Annapurna Poon Hill Trek

    Nepal: Annapurna Poon Hill Trek

    Springtime Trek
    18 Mar 2016 - 26 Mar 2016

    • $1120Per Traveler
    • 11Spots
    • 40Days Left

    From traditional villages to Rhododendron blanketed hills, the snow-capped Annapurna range has some of the best treks in the world! The classic Poon Hill Trek brings you to the most impressive viewpoints of Nepal's magnificent peaks, while enjoying the comforts of ...

  • Cambodia - A Kingdom Revealed
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    Cambodia - A Kingdom Revealed

    Spring Break Escape
    18 Mar 2016 - 25 Mar 2016

    • $990Per Traveler
    • 24Spots
    • 40Days Left

    No matter what your taste, Cambodia delivers! A glimpse of the historic Angkor Wat leaves visitors spellbound, while the hectic and charismatic capital of Phnom Penh captivates. Don't forget the white sand beaches and untouched tropical islands of the south! The ...

  • Morocco – The Imperial Cities
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    Morocco – The Imperial Cities

    Spring Break Escape
    25 Mar 2016 - 01 Apr 2016

    • $1490Per Traveler
    • 19Spots
    • 47Days Left

    Morocco's mix of traditional and modern strikes the perfect balance between the intensely exotic and comfortingly familiar. Fez, Marrakech, and Casablanca evoke images of exotic medinas, fragrant spice markets, ancient alleyways and couscous. Morocco is the country ...

  • Nepal: Total Adventure Experience

    Nepal: Total Adventure Experience

    Hiking, Rafting, and Flying
    28 Mar 2016 - 02 Apr 2016

    • $925Per Traveler
    • 13Spots
    • 50Days Left

    Nepal is one of the world's premier Outdoor Adventure destinations, and on this Escape we will pack in as many awesome activities as we can! In just 6 days we'll Hike, Fly, and Raft around this beautiful country, and also visit some caves, waterfalls, and cultural ...

  • Irresistible Iran - Discovering Persia

    Irresistible Iran - Discovering Persia

    Spring Break Escape
    01 Apr 2016 - 08 Apr 2016

    • $1490Per Traveler
    • 20Spots
    • 54Days Left

    Explore the history of old Persia and the spirit of the new Iran; one of today's most rewarding places to travel. Visitors find themselves continually surprised - there's so much of the "real" Iran to see - Don't miss out!

  • Nepal: The Kathmandu Valley

    Nepal: The Kathmandu Valley

    Spring Break Escape
    08 Apr 2016 - 10 Apr 2016

    • $580Per Traveler
    • 24Spots
    • 61Days Left

    Despite the 2015 earthquake, there is still much to see in the Kathmandu Valley - the heart of Nepal. Breathtaking Himalayan viewpoints, old villages, sacred sites rich in spirituality and spectacular scenery. Nothing compares!

What travelers say

  • Jordan - Petra, Amman, & The Dead Sea

    Jordan - Petra, Amman, & The Dead Sea

    Escapees rated it -

    Too good to describe in words!!

    - Sulagna
  • Mussandam Oman - Dhow Cruise, Dolphins & Camping

    Mussandam Oman - Dhow Cruise, Dolphins & Camping

    Escapees rated it -

    Great trip

    - Nadya Stewart
  • Georgia - Tbilisi & Beyond

    Georgia - Tbilisi & Beyond

    Escapees rated it -

    I enjoy Escape for its adventurous small- group travel

    - Filomena
  • Kenya: The Great Migration - July 2015

    Kenya: The Great Migration - July 2015

    Escapees rated it -

    Just amazing!

    - Victoria
  • Sri Lanka: Paradise on Earth: July 2015

    Sri Lanka: Paradise on Earth: July 2015

    Escapees rated it -

    Great trip - beautiful country, wonderful people!!! Thank you for organizing it!

    - Kerri Sutey

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