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Escape Travels is born out of a true love for travel. From hiking the mountains of Nepal to sailing the Mediterranean waters, Escape Travels offers unique and innovative travel itineraries for those looking for something more than a typical weekend trip.

Escape Travels satisfies every traveler's needs, organizing simple overnight retreats to week-long adventures. All of our trips are done in a group settings, making us the leader in the GCC travel community by providing true group budget getaways.

...So whether you are looking for a weekend jaunt to “escape”, a longer journey involving total immersion in a new culture, or a couple of days to experience some thrill-seeking adventure, Escape Travels has you covered. 

If you are looking for a private trip or want an exclusive group of friends to join you, simply check out our "Trips on Demand" section - we offer different itineraries to various destinations - book a trip that suits your holiday schedule and reflects your ideal vacation!


The Travellers


The vast majority of travellers work and live in the GCC region (UAE, Qatar and Kuwait). Our trips are based around national and religious holidays of the region. This means you travel more, without tapping into your limited leave days!

Our groups are as diverse as the countries we visit. The travellers age ranges from 6 to 60.  As for the nationalities, a typical Escape Travels group of 25 will have no less than 10 different countries represented in it! We pride ourselves on our diversity. A pure love of travel, adventure and a desire to meet other like minded people is what unites us!


Meet The Team

Fajer Abu Zayed

Fajer has spent the past ten years travelling around the world. Some highlights of his world-wide journey include living in a tent in Canada’s Arctic, exploring the jungles and volcanoes of Latin America, and motorcycling across India. Fajer then moved to Dubai to work in the field of logistics but soon discovered the corporate lifestyle wasn't for him. He went looking for his next adventure - a sailing journey from Greece to Italy. Weeks were spent out at sea navigating Greece’s magical southern islands and finally reaching the shores of Sardinia.

During this time, Fajer came up with Escape Travels - an extension of the pre-existing social organization known as Escape Dubai which he was doing on the side of his logistics career. Escape Dubai organized trips and events around the UAE, such as weekend desert camping and barbeques. As Escape Dubai had a good following, it was clear that his idea of getting people together and going on adventures struck a chord with the UAE’s expat community. Developping Escape Dubai into Escape Travels meant that Fajer left his logistics career, put all of his efforts into Escape, and started organizing international trips for the various expat communities around the Middle East's Gulf countries.

Escape Travels is now a leader in the Middle East's travel industry. With personalized service and the motivation to be as economical as possible, travelling with Escape has never been more popular or accessible!

“Escape is more than just travelling - it is about the people you travel with and the friends you make along the way.”

Fajer Abu Zayed, May 20, 2011 - Escape's First Anniversary 



Alison Stoody

Alison met Fajer during their university years. She gets a thrill out of experiencing new things; people, culture, food, activities, countries. Alison has visited dozens of different countries and has called a variety of places her home. She loves the fun and adventure of Latin America, the diversity in cuisine of Europe, the smiles of Asia, and the dichotomous nature of India. At the top of Alison's travel list right now is the atlantic west coast of Africa, a roadtrip through the southern US, and seeing all of South America. After all, the more you see, the more you want to see!

Alison is Escape's yoga instructor. She discovered yoga ten years ago and loves sharing the beauty of yoga with others. She is a qualified ashtanga instructor (ERYT 200), and her goal in each yoga class is to allow students to feel genuinely present in themselves through posture, flow, breath and awareness. Her motto is simple - "Yoga is for everyone!" Whatever your physical ability level, she invites you to come and wake up to life through wellness and yoga!

Moe Abu Zayed

Moe met Fajer when he was born and they’ve been like brothers ever since! He has spent his years between Canada and Dubai, and his passions include travel, adventure and, most importantly, getting lost in foreign places. When he’s not globetrotting, he’s planning his next trip. His favourite thing to do is share travel stories with others who share his passion for new experiences.

Moe's most recent endeavors include a solo motorcycle journey across the length of Vietnam, and a two month railway expedition around India.


Océanie Gribo

Oce met the Escape Travels crew in 2015 in Sihanoukville, Cambodia where she's been living for the last few years. As her parents often took the family on holidays all over the world, her passion for adventure was developped at a young age. A few years back, she packed up her bags in her hometown of France, and left for Latin America - this is where her amazing journey of world travel began. Since then, Oce has been hopping from country to country, learning more about the great diversity of our world. 
Oce is an enthusiastic and happy nomad who enjoys sharing her curiousity of new cultures with others.


Dan Latner

Dan met Fajer and Alison in 2004, while they were all at university on the foggy East coast of Canada. From 2007 to 2012, Dan played fiddle in a bluegrass band called “The Unseen Strangers”. They recorded 3 albums and toured Eastern Canada for 5 years, and it is during this time that Dan developped his love for wandering and rambling. 

Dan is an avid lover of food, music, nature, and adventure, and enjoys sharing these passions with others. Dan is in charge of Escape's outdoor adventure trips.



Martin Barreda Castañon

Martin was born in Peru but immigrated to Toronto, Canada with his family as a young boy. He claims having one foot in two worlds helped shape his personality and make him curious to learn about different ways of life and different places around the world. After studying anthropology in university, Martin decided to put his academic career to the side and pursue a career in tourism and hospitality that would allow him to live and work abroad and slowly discover the different corners of the world that keep calling to him. He first met Fajer and Alison while they were all teaching English in South Korea but since then he has gone on to live and work in Spain, Peru, Colombia, Montreal, Cambodia and Romania, as well as mixing in as many backpacking trips as his wallet has allowed him to. His specialty is wandering the different neighbourhoods of big cities looking for picturesque side streets, local eateries and unique watering holes you cannot find in a guide book. Apart from his love of travel Martin is also inspired by a love of film, food, sport, history and politics, and takes pride in being a jack of all trades and a master of none (except maybe foosball).




Giving Back

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

-Winston Churchill

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