Why travel with us?

We focus on group travel. Travelling within in a group ensures the best deals on everything; from accomodation to transportation, tours, and restaurants - meaning we try to get the best price for your trip! Escape Travels does not only give you a financial break - it also provides an opportunity to experience a new country and culture with like-minded individuals, from all over the world, who want to explore, discover, and relax just as much as you do. Click here to see what people are saying about Escape Travels


How many people on each trip?

Our trips are anywhere between 15 - 35 people. Our members are people from all over the world; a typical trip with 25 people will have up to ten nationalities! A love for travel, to experience the "new" and a desire to get away from life's everyday routine is what unites us.


What if I want to plan a family vacation?

Our trips are designed with options for everyone. Escape Travels has itineraries suiting individuals, friends, couples, and families. Travellers as young as three and up to 65 have joined us on our adventures! We have various trip options to satsify your needs, whether you are a family or an individual travelling for the first time. 


I'm traveling alone but signed up for a twin room, who will I be sharing a room with?

If you sign up for a trip individually but are looking to share a room with someone else on the trip, we will match you up with another member of the same sex and close to your age. If you like your privacy, there is always the option of staying in your own room.


What about flights?

Each traveller is responsible for booking their own flight, and we'll care of the rest! For each trip, we recommend which flight to take under the "trip description" page - we provide you with the airline and flight number, and you can simply find the flight and book! We balance a flight's cost with time to ensure a cheap and comfortable journey.


What's does Escape Travels provide?

We arrange everything! This means you do not need to think about getting to the hotel (or any transportation), which sights to see or activities to do, or where to stay. You get to concentrate on the fun stuff, and we plan the details. Depending on the trip, your meals may or may not be included. We most often eat as a group, though on some trips you'll get some free time to explore a destination's restaurant scene on your own. Your dietary preferences are always kept in mind. 


Can you arrange a customized trip for me? 

Escape Travels has a set list of the trips on offer. Nonetheless, we can plan a customized trip for groups of 15 or more. We have done corporate retreats, school field trips, and destination family reunions too! You can also check out our Trips on Demand section - we offer various itineraries to select destinations so that you can get what you want out of your trip. Contact us for further information on unique private packages. 


What about visas and travel insurance?

It is each traveller's responsibility to arrange their own tourist visa if required. We will help you throughout the process, and provide hotel reservation letters if needed. Check out the Travel Resources section to see the contact information for embassies and consulates.

Travel insurance is also each traveller's responsibility. To arrange tavel insurance, simply contact a travel agency in your area and they will be able to assist you.


What is the refund policy? 

Escape Travels has a refund policy for all travelers. Please refer to our cancellation and refund policy for all information regarding refunds.

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