100% Funded
Funding required: $9,000
Funds raised: $10,594
Katherine Oates $10
Martin Spitzbart $10
laura keeley $10
Mark Janowski $10
Katherine Oates $10
Sara Smiley $50
laura keeley $50
Khadija Idboujnane $10
Gina Vukovich $10
Annia Dear $20
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Jonathan Holder $50
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Toni Evans $40
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Sara Smiley $50
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Alan Oak $20
Will Davis $10
Nadine Hagar $30
Margaret Walsh $50
Evgeny Smolskiy $10
Sara Smiley $50
Monina Nudalo $50
Roberta Fleming Jeffries $30
Sally Ann Ghai $50
Anjana $10
Donald Smith $20
Terry-Ann Arch $50
Zahara Kassam Velji $100
Daniella Wellington $30
Ameriteach $20
H,Susan Barnes $50
Wendy Blithe $35
Charlotte Schlamp $200
h $30
Leslie Haas $50
Wai Leng Low $200
laura keeley $30
Christopher Thornton $20
Petra Nakad Nakad $20
Anon $50
Maureen McKeown $40
Susannah Shelley $200
Stonecutter $200
Wendy Blithe $20
Raha International School $136
Shellei Gaza $30
Margie Alexy $150
steve and sarah moss $50
anonymous $100
Flamingo $30
Pink Elephant 13.3.2014 $1,000
Salamander Sal (Pink Elephant) $1,000
Nimer Al Assi $1,000
Lisa from Los Angeles $50
Rebecca Sweeney $20
KKM $100
Elina Ochoa $20
Nicholas Granato $100
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Paurav Shah $10
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Norah Franchetti $300
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Alexandru Nechifor $100
Wai Leng Low $300
Dubai Charity Dinner $1,245
Fiona Coutts $300
AR $63
Nimer Al Assi $100
Mathijs Bicknese $30
a.a $75
Adam Peters $100
M $50
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Ryan Gilbert $100
Nora Ism $50
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Lyle Becka $815
Marianne Stoody $50
Katherine Oates $50
Deborah $100
Susannah Shelley $30
Ciara Shaughnessy $10
Dave Heinrich $50
Suze Heinrich $50
Anonymous $50
Joy Kucinkas $30
jason johnson $50
Jastup $100
Namaste $100

Shree Mahakali Secondary - Construction Complete!

Thanks to your generosity, we've been able to complete the unfinished school building in less than a year! Our last group in October got a chance to visit the completed classrooms. The students, administration and the village of Nagarkot thank everyone that has contributed in helping us complete this project. We've compeleted this project under budget and the extra donations will be carried over to our next "giving back" project in 2015!



Shree Mahakali Secondary - Construction Almost Done, June 2014

Hi Escapees,

We have some fantastic news to share regarding the progress on the Shree Mahakali School. Your generosity has been overwhelming and we reached our monetary goal faster than expected. Just six months have passed since Escape pledged to construct the new building, and thanks to you, we are only one stage away from completion.

When Dan arrived in March, the first loads of sand and concrete arrived, and by the time he left, the inner floor and existing walls were paved. Our Nepali team has been working hard since then. The outside of the building has also been paved to give it an fresh new look.

More importantly, three walls have been constructed to divide the one large building into four smaller classrooms. Previously, the classrooms were used for as many as 70 students at a time, making it difficult for both teachers and students. These new rooms will allow more manageable class sizes, thereby providing a more focused learning environment for the students of Shree Mahakali Secondary.

As of now, all that needs to be done is to install doors and windows, and the school will be ready to go! 

Shree Mahakali Secondary - Construction Update, March 2014

The construction of our school in Nagorkhot, Nepal has started. We are excited to have adopted this project as Escape's first ever charity cause, and it's even more exciting that the building of the school has commenced. We have raised almost 50% of the needed funds for our project so far - all thanks to your support! Dan, our outdoor adventure leader, is currently in Nepal and before trekking around the Himalayas for Escape’s current trekking trip, he went to Shree Mahakali Secondary to oversee the commencement of the project. We’re thrilled to report that the construction has started – the students and teachers are also excited to have this project, that has been on hold for over two years, come into fruition, so that they can expand, accept more students, and have smaller class sizes. This will make education more accessible in Northeastern Nepal, while also allowing more individualized attention for those students who need it.


With the funds raised so far, the contractors advised us to start with the floors and interior walls of the building. We put in our first supply order on March 4, and purchased six loads of sand, four loads of cement and 100 bags of concrete. The supplies arrived the next day, and the construction was officially started! As to be expected, we have met some challenges already - mainly the lack of water. Since there are not any reliable faucets at the building site, water has to be brought all the way from the village centre. 

We are happy to report that the school is successfully underway; with walls and flooring established. We are just a bit short of what we need to complete the next step, building and installing doors and windows. We would really appreciate any contributions over the next few weeks so that we can enter this next phase of construction. Thank you for sharing our eagerness in this project so far. Let's keep it up!


Shree Mahakali Secondary - Our First Charity Cause

On our last escape to Nepal, we visited Nagorkot, a small village in the north eastern part of the country. While here, we paid a visit to a secondary school in order to learn about the education system in Nepal. We met various students and teachers, and were given a tour of Shree Mahakali Secondary.



Part of the school is unfinished – its building has been on hold for more than two years due to a lack of funding. We need to raise $9,000 for supplies and labour to complete this school. 



There are up to 80 students in some classes. New classrooms would decrease class sizes, ensuring a better education for the kids, with more individual attention for those who need it...leading to a better future for students and for their community. 


Cost Breakdown 




Total Cost     













Door, Windows & Wood








Labour Cost




Ply Wood




Paint & Coloring 





Giving Back

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

-Winston Churchill

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